WALTZLOVES: Catch Me a Possum: CD

May 10, 2007

Fucking Voodoo Rhythm Records! One thing I’ll say about ‘em—their releases are never boring, and this one by the Waltzloves is no exception. It in no way resembles any of the previous Voodoo Rhythm releases I’ve reviewed for Razorcake. It could hardly be called punk rock, but there’s a healthy bit of garage rock spirit buried somewhere underneath the slide guitar, accordion, trombone, and washboard. What sets this apart from the dog shit Zydeco garbage my mom listens to is lyrical content that is true to the oldies and garage pop I love. Songs about holding hands, a girl hoping to get kissed, dancing all night long, and lamenting the long lost love one hopes will come back someday. The bayou beats and Zydeco rhythms were completely unexpected, and I’m not sure how often this will be stuck in the CD player, but, like I said, it ain’t boring, and it’s executed so well that I’m willing to give it a few more spins.

 –benke (Voodoo Rhythm)