WALLS: The Future Is Wide Open: LP

I guess you could say this is “post-hardcore” or “post-rock” or something of that nature. Listening to this definitely takes me back to the late-‘80s/early-‘90s, a time when bands like Unsane and Cop Shoot Cop were cranking out some hard and heavy sounds without falling into any one category. Depending on how far you have your head shoved up your hardcore purist or trendy power violence ass depends on how much you might cotton to this record. The tempos are mainly on the mid tempo and nervous pacing side, with some blasts of speed and cranium-bashing percussion here and there, while the guitars are as equally anguished and strangled-sounding as the vocals. This is the soundtrack of a heat wave and residing in a greasy, roach-infested studio apartment with no air conditioner or fan to bring any relief. All you can think about is that list of motherfuckers who need to get what’s coming to them. Listen to “A Piece of Rope” with its lumbering and repetitive bass line. The guitar sort of rings out and hangs in the air while the singer bellows about “A cord! A piece of rope. A wire…” Allow yourself to get consumed in the blackness of “The Tears of a Lonely Man” and “Cheap Equipment.” Walls achieve that sound and that feeling of anger, despair, and being completely lost in this world without coming off contrived or whiny. Pretty damn good. A nice companion to have around at the end of the day when everyone and everything else just sets you on edge.

 –M.Avrg (Iron Lung)