WALK PROUD: Too Much Is Never Enough: LP

Sep 02, 2015

Back then they sounded like a mid-’80s NYHC band, but were from Southern California. That was a couple decades and some change back. Today is a bit different. Now they sound like a blend of their former selves mixed with bar punk. For example, the song “Represent.” It has a metallic edge that could be a little more and dark sinister than it is, and deserves better lyrics than the atrocious ones they have for it. Musically, they can write decent songs, but there’s something missing in the playing. Maybe too polished? Not as inspired as they once were? A lot more grit and dirt in their sound would be an improvement. The backing vocals are on the corny side at times, like in “Regret” and “Crazy.” There are a lot of throwaway tracks that should have been left in the practice room. A lot of “What if?” and “What could’ve been” on here. 

 –M.Avrg (Know, knowrecords.com)

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