WAKAMONOS, LOS: 4 Fancy Eleki Hits!!: 7” EP

Jul 13, 2010

Picture if you will a bargain basement White Stripes, circa ten years ago, who are now Japanese and live by the ocean and smell really crustaceany and play oceany sounding two-piece surf instrumentals that sometimes borrow/beg/steal from source material such as “Blue’s Theme” by Davie Allan and the Arrows. Now picture them devoured by a giant octopus! No one said rock ‘n’ roll is an easy life. BEST SONG: “Blue’s Theme” er um i of course mean “Blue Steamer.” BEST SONG TITLE: “V2.” Who doesn’t love a surf song named after the second Vibrators album? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Cover blurb states “We Can Play Only Our Originals!” Well, THAT should surely keep Davie Allan’s legal team confounded for the next few months!

 –norb (Go Ape)