Oct 06, 2008

If someone were to claim that Trial’s Are These Our Lives? LP was the greatest hardcore record of all time, I don’t know that I could argue with them. Whichever forces aligned after Trial’s first two EPs that led to the creation of that record have yet to reunite in the seemingly bottomless abyss of camo shorts and hilarious clichés that makes up most of the present-day hardcore scene. When I heard that Trial guitarist Timm McIntosh (whose post-Trial outfit Champion I felt paled greatly in comparison to his prior undertaking) was again teaming up with one of the best drummers in the genre, Alexei Rodriguez (of Trial, Catharsis, 3 Inches of Blood, etc.), I thought perhaps something incredible was in the works. Now, I know that this is a different band, and that Seasons isn’t the new Trial record, but it’s difficult not to compare the two. Musically, Seasons could be the successor to Are These Our Lives? but with McIntosh handling lyrical/vocal duties, the intellectual, seething rage that Trial frontman Greg Bennick once brought to the table has been replaced with a more typical hardcore delivery of less compelling content. Don’t get me wrong, this is still head and shoulders above most recent hardcore bands’ output, but I guess I was just hoping for a masterpiece and this came in a touch below expectations.

 –Dave William (Think Fast!)