WACO FUCK: Paranoia Is Total Awareness: CD

Jan 19, 2012

This is some thrashy ass hardcore punk, right smack dab in the vein of DS13 and Pulling Teeth. I liked it so much I wanted to hear more and checked out their myspace page, because I think myspace is rad. They haven’t checked their page in months, but it was still cool to see all the old fliers for these guys. They played a lot of good punk shows in San Diego, none of which I was fortunate enough to attend. Looks like I completely missed the boat, even though I always knew I’d like this band. Their album title has become my anthem. It makes me feel a bit more normal about the fact that I constantly bite my lips and occasionally forget to breathe. I’m merely a parrot that’s finally realized this world is not a home. It’s a fucking cage.

 –Rene Navarro (Life’s A Rape)

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