This Serbian duo offers up some hazy, shoegazing indie on their first full-length. The vocals in the opener “Nobody Knows” are so buried and washed out that it is easy at times to mistake them for another soaring layer of guitar noise; shimmery and almost syllable-less. However, “VVhile Things” follows up with a relatively straightforward jangly power pop jam. For the rest of its duration, More continues to dive easily back and forth between the atmospheric and poppy areas of the shoegaze spectrum, channeling Joy Division, Cloud Nothings, and Broken Social Scene as often as Ride. Whatever comparisons I saddle them with, VVhile aim to pile layer upon layer of blissful noise deep enough to sink into, and the results are supremely chill. 

 –Indiana Laub (Dirt Cult, [email protected], dirtcultrecords.com / Pop Depresija, [email protected], popdepression.com / Numavi, [email protected], [email protected] / Twintoe, [email protected], twintoe.blogspot.com / Jazz Chairs, [email protected], vvhile.net)