Sep 25, 2007

My taste in music is pretty wide. Just this past weekend I listened to both Hall & Oates and Pig Destroyer. So I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that I enjoyed this album of indie experimental electronic rock music. It surprised me, however, because it’s so well sculpted, honed, and performed. The production is solid and the music is all set down perfectly. A number of the tracks are instrumental, but the ones that do have vocals seem to be sung in English. It surprised me, too, because this band is from Bosnia and their label is out of Slovenia! I know that the rock scene exists in almost all parts of the world, but to hear something that wasn’t just ripping off some other punk band and which displayed a great deal of creativity was really a pleasant revelation. This would be great music for the fan of some traditional electronica as well as those who like their rock with a heavier electronic edge to it.

 –kurt (Moonlee)

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