VULVALARD: Self-titled: CD

The cover of this demo initially intrigued me. The artwork is a Viking riding a horse, holding a sword and shield, with sunlight gleaming out from behind it. This is probably a generational thing, but the first thing I did was check it out for signs of a white power agenda.Then I realized that the warrior was riding a unicorn. Then I checked for signs that this was a spoof of a white power album. None of this panned out for me, so I Googled the name of the band. Nothing came up that wasn’t related directly to the band. Now that I fully don’t get what is going on, I decided just to listen to it. The album is heavy all the way through. I don’t actively listen to this sort of street punk/metal hybrid, but these guys are solid. I particularly got into the fourth song. “Bad Student” had a surprising doom break that made me nod along. “Contrast,” the fifth song on the demo, reminded me of the rockin’ Entombed album Uprising that metal heads reject because of stupid conformist metal agendas. All in all, I’m glad I spent some time with this demo. It is solid and has a lot of above average moments. However, if I was confused before I put it on, the final song “Just Cut ‘Em in Half” did not answer my questions. These are without a doubt my favorite lyrics for today: “Panic Machine/frantic goals/time now short/unhinged patrols/freaked out mission gone away/wide eyed patients whisking by.” Yes… I see.

 –Billups Allen (Self-released)