VULTURES, THE: Alcoholic Lady/Soda Pressing: 7"

Aug 10, 2009

Attention all bands! Attention all bands! The official best format for the seven-inch is the time-honored “hit single” style – a great, original tune on the A-side, and then a cover on the flip side! Occasionally, one other song may be allowed. There will be no debating on this issue! Having said that, the Vultures have the formula right, but I wish side A rocked a little more – still, it’s decent rock’n’roll (a la a mix of Pelado and Rip Off records – ya know, what everyone likes these days!). Side B is where it’s at, though! I’m a sucker for Boys’ covers, and their version of “Soda Pressing” is pretty true to the original, nothing breathtaking, but pretty cool nonetheless. Probably a good band to check out live, if ‘77 rock and roll is your thing! (And it better be!) This is pre-sugar-added Kix (remember those days?). Kix was still a good cereal back then, but nowhere near as good as it would become in later years. Hopefully the Vultures will one day reach the sugary Kix level of greatness!

 –maddy (DirtNap)

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