Nov 10, 2008

All I know of this band is that they had appeared on the Barbaric Thrash Detonations comp on 625 that I have. But this is something of interest. As of late, all I have been going out to see are grindcore, thrash, and crust bands. Bands of the heavier nature in the DIY network. Those bands are my current favorite subjects to take pictures of. But I am a metal head at heart, too. So this is all about me. It’s grindcore that is down tuned with heavy riffs and robotic, mechanical precision drumming and add a whole lot of screaming. Can’t forget about the speed of the songs: full charge ahead and that keeps me interested. The EP format suits this well with two songs a hair over three minutes and the rest well under two and a half. Short, compact, and to the point. If each song were in the four to five minute range, I would get bored. The songs are perfect examples of sheer anger and depression.

 –don (Deep Send)