Sep 11, 2009

Holy whip sound on the keyboard. I’d be amiss to not mention this sounds a hellofa lot like Devo. (I’d also be amiss not to mention that the last time I saw Devo-tee Mark Mothersbaugh, he was asleep in front of an enchilada for half an hour and even our straw wrappers that flew his head didn’t wake him up. Soundtrack work must be exhausting.) Much of how The Briefs are kicking ass, lifting licks, and updating the bouncy punk sound that people under 25 never had the chance to see first hand, the Von Steins are doing to new wave. And the fucking geek in me is real happy. They nail the vibe; none of the songs fall flat or ring hollow and nothing wants me want to noose ‘em by their (assumably) skinny ties. It borders on (good, fun, aerosol) cheese and (rocket booster) schtick with humanoid voices, propulsive drums, and stringy, weaving guitar work. It’s impossible to be a tough guy listening to them, so I figure there’ll be no transgender divide of the audience. The only thing I don’t like about the CD is that the last song, “6060-842” has the exact same ringer sound as my phone and I flinch for the handset every time it plays. Cool shit.

 –todd (1st Born Entertainment)