VOMIT SPOTS: Dude, I Didn’t Know: LP

Jan 21, 2013

Being from the state that most punks only know for producing Christian metalcore, seeing this re-issue made me more happy than I can explain here. There were great bands in Alabama before the Vomit Spots existed, including Grossest National Product, the Knockabouts, and Random Conflict, but the Vomits Spot’s 1987 7” Nina Häagan Daz is probably my favorite document of the state’s early punk music. They were sarcastic, insouciant, and most of all, really good. This 12” collects a bunch of songs recorded after that 7”, four of which were issued on a cassette in 1989 (the others were recorded back then and never issued), and I was happy to hear that the songs—while a little slower and better recorded—still retained that tongue-in-cheek wit that made me love that first 7”. These songs sound like a Southern version of the Adolescents. Think early hardcore that’s a little slowed down, a little more guitar oriented, and a little less concerned with making it big in Los Angeles. Fans of KBD/obscurities/good punk take note.

 –Ian Wise (Last Hurrah)

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