VOLUNTEER: Self-titled: 12” EP

Oct 28, 2015

They say they have six songs on here. I say they have one, punctuated sections of silence. Between the brief reprieves of silence is some boring grungy post-hardcore that just plods along. Amongst the plods are effect-laden vocals that reek of studio-feigned emotion. With song titles like “Cobbler,” “Fuck Magicians,” and “Boxcutter” (but no lyric sheet), I can only assume that the lyrics are poetic (or nonsense), as I did my best to ignore what was coming out of the vocalist’s mouth. Thankfully, the record came with a note stating that these folks used to be in bands called Traitors, Gasoline Fight, Forstellaford, and Stock Options. I say “thankfully” because I have never heard of those bands, and thanks to the note, now I know not to check ‘em out. 

 –Vincent (Underground Communiqué, undercomm.org)

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