VOLT: Self-titled: 12” single

Oct 23, 2007

Take three of the Splash Four and lock them in studio. Add copious amounts of industrial, proto, mechanized, lo-fi electronic musical equipment. Throw in some glamorized (Okay, I imagine them… maybe?) drugs, alcohol and sex. Volt is born. From the thirty-six chambers of Paris, France hail three musical misfits with a rap sheet long and impressive enough to send any hardened musical criminal packing their bags for their mother’s house in Toledo. This is a 12” EP tour de force of minimalism, confronting, and then copulating with rock’n’roll excess. Peel off your blinders and see the world as a corrupt and morally subjugated realm of pure filth and disease, just as Volt numbers like “Sex Five Nun” and “Testbild” might suggest. Suicide, Neu!, Einstürzende Neubaten, and Swans weigh heavy on this record.

 –nam (In the Red)