Mar 04, 2001

Here’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. They turned many a head in the punk community when they released their "War and Pain" album many moons ago. The crazed musical delivery, coupled with some bizarre, violent (for the time) lyrics, was very reminiscent to Void, but with more of a metal edge. Mind you, when I say "metal," I don’t mean Cinderella, Poison or any of those other crappy bands. I’m talking more along the lines of Slayer, Celtic Frost and the like. The grooves of my copy of that album got ground into nothingness long ago, but I never got anything else by these guys. I figured that "War and Pain" was as good as it could possibly get and anything else they released would suck to high heaven. Along comes this live album to let me know what I missed. The songs I don’t know are at a less frantic pace than the ones I do know, but they’re still pretty intense, and bear strong resemblance to some of those noise/pain metal bands making the rounds today, only better. The sound quality is great, and the fact that a live version of their theme song is on here only makes this even more worth owning. Highly recommended.

 –jimmy (Metal Blade, 2828 Cochran St., PMB 302, Simi Valley, CA 93065-2793)