VOIVOD: Katorz: CD

Nov 28, 2006

Remember in the early ‘90s when Nirvana got huge and “alternative” music started getting really popular, so all the old hair metal bands from the ‘80s tried to grunge-out their sound to try and stay on the charts? Poor ol’ Voivod, what a bunch of hacks. This album actually features the king of heavy metal hacks, Mr. Jason Newstead. Remember him? He was in Flotsam And Jetsam, an old metal band that nobody gave a fuck about. Then when Cliff Burton died, Jason joined Metallica, probably because he was quiet and unobtrusive, shit, you can barely even hear him on And Justice for All. Then he quit Metallica and started Echobrain, another turd for the heap. Now he’s in dumb old Voivod and they have a new album of boring shitty songs out. Who cares?

 –ben (www.theendrecords.com)

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