VOIDS, THE: Sounds of Failure , Sounds of Hope: CD

Jan 07, 2008

Melodicore that is very distinctly SoCal sounding with an early ‘80s feel. At times, they bring thoughts of a more punk version of Tsunami Bomb. The vocals will often be compared to Beki Bondage from Vice Squad, but I hear, at times, Julie from the early ‘80s Santa Monica band Sin 34. The vocals are delivered with a phonetic precision. I can hear and understand the lyrics clearly without the aid of the lyric sheet. They play songs that are mid-tempo to fast that do not come off generic. They seem to know where to find the hook and have melody in their songs. I am not quickly bored listening to this. The songs seem genuinely heartfelt. Listened to this numerous times and I see their name on some of the bigger shows. They are making a name for themselves. Most likely, I would never see them live, but if I do, I would not be bummed.

 –don (Dr Strange)