VOIDS, THE: Kill a Generation: CD

Jul 09, 2009

They recently opened for the Subhumans at a show I attended recently here in LA, but I missed their set trying to deal with guest list issues. I knew I had their CD at home for review but hadn’t listened to it. It’s a female-led band that reminded me of Sin 34 and a little bit of Beki Bondage from Vice Squad. Unfortunately, this band from Whittier, CA sounded like early ‘80s So Cal due to the bad recording production. The guitars were thin and the drums sound like tin cans. The bones were there but the meat was thin. Lyrically, they hold their own. It didn’t sound like remedial English and thought was put forth. They cover Ill Repute’s Strike Back, which was a tad slow but wasn’t half bad. Pretty good. Hope to hear this band once they record in a better studio.

 –don (Destroy All Records)

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