Voids: Straight-ahead, blister-tipped, socially conscious dueling female and male vocal hardcore that’s catchy as all hell. Adri’s voice has the qualities of Crass’s Eve Libertine; a trilling, sweet-edged razor that can both wail and cut. Chris provides the grumble shout counterpoint. The music itself’s got the old/new feel where it retains the spilling urgency of early ’80s hardcore (like Negative Approach) yet has the layers of fast, almost blurring, complexity of thrash experts DS-13 and the “man, I wanna listen to that again”-ness of Kid Dynamite. Fast and crunchy and good. Narcolepic Youth: Like an unwashed, dented Nova with greasy windows, nothing makes them particularly memorable – lyrically, vocally, or musically. Middle fast. Standard beats and riffs. Could have easily been made fifteen years ago.

 –todd (Straight Jacket)