Oct 23, 2007

Void Control: I like the strangulated, spitting quality of Void Control. They’re starting to understand and harness that sketchy, pop-hardcore, driven force that made the Zero Boys and The Freeze so great. They understand the benefit of keeping sharp edges on songs, where melody doesn’t get dulled by speed, yet keeping the middle gruff, interesting, and explosive. Cool stuff. The Scarred: Need to learn how to stop a song. There’s no need to repeat the chorus fifteen times on either of the songs. Studded belts and mohawks reign supreme, their love of the Sex Pistols is transparent, and although they have snatches of New Beach Alliance sounds (Smogtown, Crowd, Smut Peddlers), they’re not up to that standard. They sound too pat, lockstep, and repetitive. There’s no nihilism, no tumors, no glorious wipeouts, and no radiation in the songs themselves. Their hearts seem in the right places, but, sorry, no dice.

 –todd (Puke’n’ Vomit)