VOID CONTROL: Self-titled: CD

Jul 13, 2007

This is a perfect example of enthusiasm being channeled extremely well. I get the feeling that these guys are young, and instead of looking toward the Unseen, the Casualties, and Anti-Flag for inspiration—like many of their contemporaries—they’re going to the wellspring and coming up with a bucket of cool, fun songs. In turns, they drum up flashes of the Adolescents, Blitz, Circle Jerks, and Social Distortion. On the whole, they’re still rough and they still need to find more of a voice and sound of their own, but they are on the right track and they do spark continuous flashes from classic punk rock lessons well learned. “Hallucinations of Romance” and “Let Go” are flat-out, uncorked scorchers. I really dig how they’re putting themselves together as a band and can’t wait to hear more in the future. Traditional punk’s getting another reconfiguration and, in Void Control’s hands, it’s definitely worth a listen.

 –todd (Void Control)