VOICE OF ADDICTION: Modern Day Meltdown: CD

Jun 06, 2014

With a band name like Voice Of Addiction, I was expecting an ‘80s straight edge youth crew throwback band. Instead, this Chicago trio offers slick, modern punk rock with two vocalists: One who often sounds like Greg Graffin if he blew out his voice to give him a raspier edge, and another vocalist with a higher-pitched, cleaner-sounding voice that sounds so very atypically Chicago punk rock. This four song CD isn’t bad, but it isn’t necessarily good either. Musically, there’s a rock edge that turns me off, not unlike recent Bad Religion records. The “safe yet socially conscious” lyrical content rounds out this trifecta of “meh.” 

 –Mark Twistworthy (Voice Of Addiction, voiceofaddiction.com)