VOCABS, THE: The Sound of Seizures: CD-R EP

May 25, 2010

I’m often attracted to cheap, oddball packaging; that’s just the way I am, I suppose. One packaging style that is out of the norm that does bother me is the packaging of a CD or CD-R in 7”-sized or other vinyl-sized container. It’s not the size necessarily—I am not particular about where my CDs are as long as they’re in their cases—but rather the deception. I always think, “Oh, how nice that this band has put their music on vinyl!” Then I open it and become disappointed. If it weren’t for the jackassery contained on this CD-R and package, I would seriously consider just throwing the whole fucking thing away out of spite and write a review only of the band’s bullshit chicanery. Once I opened the fold of the cut-up light green folder to find nonsense scribbled about and a guitar string case holding the disc, I popped the CD-R in the player and waited to be disgusted. I was immediately taken aback by the shitty attempt at a Velvet Underground take on rap that I was hearing. Though not good in a more traditional sense, it was at least interesting. Most of it is experimental, odd hip hop stuff. I don’t mean that in an Anitcon kind of way. I mean that in an odd bunch of dilholes experimenting with hip hop sounds and rap kind of way. It is kind of funny; it’s a real joy putting it on to gauge others’ reactions. Anyhow, my copy says “1 of 1” on it, so you’re fucked on that front. However, it also says that you can email them for mp3s if you’re so inclined.  –Vincent ([email protected])