VÅNNA INGET: Ingen Botten: LP

Jul 27, 2014

My punk jadedness to polished music left me unprepared for the ghostlike precision of each haunting note on Ingen Botten. I’m glad that I don’t understand a bit of Swedish (although I was tempted to read some butchered Google translations), because I’m better able to appreciate Karolina Engdahl’s sorrowful crooning. The fast songs are post-punk infused power pop, like Red Dons, complete with hi-hat-driven dance beats and bold choruses that seductively lick your eardrums. But with a decisive swoop, Vånna Inget dives into darker melodies instilled with the goth flair of Siouxsie And The Banshees. Karolina beckons alongside the brooding organ which is never sugary. Instead, the keys drip into doom-y beats while the restrained guitars reverberate over the deliberate, ambling bass lines. It comes as no surprise that these folks were nominated for a Swedish Grammy, as this album is utterly high drama: bold, distinct, grandiose. Are the Grammys worth even a smidgen of interest? Nope. But Vånna Inget do deserve tons of kudos for this exceptionally crafted LP. Recommended. 

 –Sean Arenas (Man In Decline)