Jan 19, 2012

I heard a Tropiezo song on a recent Punk Rock Record Party podcast and was pretty impressed. Immediately grabbed this when I was flipping through the bins at the Razorcake HQ knowing I was going to dig this like a muh’fu’uh. I would imagine most people who are apt to get this record are going to grab it for Japan’s Vivisick. Haven’t listened to them in a number of years, so it’s nice to catch up. They crank out 625 style thrash, meaning it’s more playful and fun instead of serious and angry. There’s a sort of anthemic feel to their songs that, for some reason, remind me of the music in the TV show Ultraman, especially the opener “Kaleidoscope.” Tropiezo continue along the same lines in the 625 style thrash, but then they throw in a Crudos influence for more intensity. Instead of being fast, fast, fast, Tropiezo switch tempos here and there for more impact. Plus it helps the songs stick with you longer. The change ups in “Dando Vuelta (Hacia El Lado)” are great, and make this song the stand out of the record. The opener is a burner, but when they shift down for “Machistofeles” is when they really show their power. The drum breaks are a nice touch. There’s some crazy riffs in “Te Pregunto...,” especially the bass lines. If you’re a fan of Crudos, then you should check out Tropiezo.

 –M.Avrg (IFB,

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