Dec 01, 2009

I have a natural soft spot for the surf music idiom, so I can’t totally eviscerate the Vivisectors. I still occasionally play old Surfaris and Ventures records and somewhere in the ‘90s I even bought a used copy of a Bomboras disc – even though I was aware of an egregious Bomboras/Marilyn Manson love connection. So though this is somewhat anemic, cable-access-level nu-surf, I still don’t mind it. It’s inoffensive, backyard bar-b-q-friendly music that pretty much everyone – and I mean everyone – would be more or less okay with. But, truth be told, I think the grizzled Dick Dale, even without his Del Tones, would stomp the Vivisectors’ scrawny guts to make jam for his high-fiber toast in the morning.

 –aphid (Vivisectors)