Vivendi Universal buys MP3 Get Off The Air

Jun 01, 2001

In a move that will effect the distribution of mainstream music around the globe, Vivendi Universal acquired the online music service, Just last year Vivendi, along with many others, sued for copyright infringement. But like Bertelsmann's stockswap/truce with Napster, Vivendi and have made nice while at the same time proclaiming a new era for music makers and lovers.

"A ground breaking merger," says Michael Robertson,'s chairman .html


"Reason has triumphed again in the music industry wars," says New Music Media


Duet and to be managed at "arm's length," reports The Standard,1902,24640,00.html


In a nutty interview given to Business Week before the merger, Jean-Marie Messier (CEO of Vivendi Universal) tries to explain how his company is going to "rule the world."


Razorcake's Aaron J. Poehler take on "You can't really blame them for trying to mislead others for their own profit. Hell, that's the American Way!"


-Harvey Wallbanger