VITAMIN X: Full Scale Assault: 12”

Mar 31, 2009

I saw Vitamin X play awhile back and had a grand time. What a fun show! That said, I think my days of getting super excited about listening to hardcore at home are somewhat numbered. For example, I think Full Scale Assault is a good record, it’s super solid, and Vitamin X clearly know what they’re doing (and even if they didn’t, they’re backed by a steadfast crew; for example, Steve Albini recorded and mixed it, and John Brannan sings on a couple of tracks), but I didn’t find myself getting terribly doe-eyed about it. As I said, it’s a good record, there are some cool tunes and plenty of songs to get riled up with, and I think fans of hardcore would be into it; it’s just that I think hardcore as a genre has its work cut out for it in terms of bringing something fresh. The album artwork is really nice—done by John Dyer Baizley (who’s in a band himself and has done lots of artwork for other notable bands); it has to me a Pushead kind of feel to it. Included in the record is also a small poster, which I think diehard fans would be pretty psyched about. Lots of nice live pictures and all the lyrics spelled out for ya on the sleeve. My favorite song was “Grim Reaper,” which has a nice, fat, crusty bass line. If hardcore gets your blood pumping, it’s definitely worth checking out.

 –Jennifer Federico (Tankcrimes)