VITAMIN X: Down the Drain: LP

May 27, 2009

Down and dirty, fast and delirious Netherlands thrash in league with the likes of Tear It Up and Life's Halt, and the world's a better place for it. With bands that play this rapidly, repeated listens depend on what they've gotten hidden behind the accelerator pedal and Vitamin X have several sneaky little twists. Like a car launching off the freeway into your lawn, you gotta watch the footage over and over again to catch what's unique about this particular high speed musical accident before it crashes all around you and pins you to wall. I may be completely off, but I hear clips of Motorhead, snatches of Negative Approach, truncated AC/DC riffs, and Void damage. Not for the timid. They get extra props for explaining the dangers of biotech firms administering gene pollution. Goes right for the throat and keeps the hands right there. Orange Tootsie Pop vinyl.

 –todd (Havoc)