VITAMIN X: About to Crack: LP

Who remembers Y2K thrash? Hello? Oh, wait, that was twelve fucking years ago! Most of you were still learning the alphabet. I saw this band somewhere around that and they (along with bands like Lifes Halt) epitomized the sound of the time. Fast-as-shit thrash influenced by bands like Negazione, Ripcord, Heresy ,and SS Decontrol. For me, that era was such a breath of fresh air I can still rock the vibes and get the chills. This album (recorded by Steve Albini) is this Dutch band’s fifth (!!!!) album and does little to deviate from the formula they helped create: hyper positive hardcore thrash that gets the circle pit going, and is as good as anything they’ve done before. If I was being old and jaded, I’d ask why we really need a fifth Vitamin X LP of a rehash of a rehash… luckily I’m super posi, so dig in kidssssss.

 –Tim Brooks (Tankcrimes)