Jun 06, 2014

The Visitors launch a triple vocal attack with male vocals by Skottie (guitar) from Crusades and Kevo Polo (drums), and female vocals by Erin (bass). It’s a nice contrast, which keeps things lively and my prior introduction to Skottie’s vocals via Crusades made this album feel more comfortable than it might have otherwise. I wasn’t a big fan of Erin’s vocals, however. I’ve heard her medieval metal punk project, BlackTower, and the vocals work much better with that style. All the songs are short and quick: the whole thing is over in less than twenty minutes. It’s lyrically silly (most of the songs are about things like burning witches, Dracula, unicorns, and, of course, Sasquatch), but that’s not to say the music is silly. It’s guitar-led, catchy, driving pop punk that’s played competently and tightly. It’s just not entirely my thing. 

 –kurt (It’s Alive)