VIRGINS, THE: Miscarriage: CD

Apr 27, 2009

This band has Sam Johnson formerly of New Mexican Disaster Squad. This band, not too shockingly, sounds almost exactly like NMDS with dirtier production. The best way to describe the Virgins is modern hardcore that takes its cues more from bands like early 7 Seconds and Dag Nasty than the more metal-influenced path a lot of contemporary hardcore bands follow. I really liked NMDS and this is okay, but I wanted to like this more. There’s a lack of urgency that drags things down too often. The songs are a little too straight-forward to maintain a high level of excitement at the mid-tempo pace most of them are played. Also, the production is too boomy on the drums or something and it dulls the impact on a lot of the songs. That said, there is a lot of promise here, especially on songs like “Guitarmageddon” and “War Choppers.” If the Virgin’s hone their edge a little more sharply on the next go around, they can drop a pretty potent dose of classically inspired hardcore punk rock that could sit up there with Kid Dynamite and Strike Anywhere’s finer moments.

 –Adrian (Kiss Of Death)