VIRGIN WHORES: Public Nuisance: CD

Stiff and yelly St. Paul street punk that reminds me of Niblick Henbane crossed with a few of the less-popular bands off that “Carry On Oi!!!” album, except with a bunch of weird 90’s rock/punk breakdowns scattered about for no logical reason ((except for “Wolverine,” which reminds me of that Naked Raygun song about Batman)). I’ve never heard anyone sing about shooting drugs with quite so much glee before, and the lyrically-localized cover of “Holidays In The Sun” ((“the Berlin Wall!” changed to “East Saint Paul!” etc.)) is kind of a cute touch. The last time i was in St. Paul i rode a mechanical bull so maybe i should start seeing myself as part of the problem these days. BEST SONG: “442” BEST SONG TITLE: “Wolverine,” maybe? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I bought those issues of Hulk where Wolverine made his first appearance at the drugstore when i was in fourth grade.

 –norb (Two-Bit)