VIOLENT MINDS: Just Kicked In: 7"

Jan 07, 2008

This band is the equivalent of someone you can’t win an argument with. They won’t let you talk and they’re being ten times louder than you can. During the whole debacle, you might be annoyed, but once it ends—it may be ten minutes or ten days later—but you eventually come to the realization that they were actually right. And you are totally dumb-shit wrong. Violent Minds plays Motörhead meets Negative Approach with a thirst for blood and drugs. This band is a black cloud spewing raining acid onto a Christian youth picnic; it’s so goddamn beautiful. Pummeling, distorted vocals, USHC. The CD contains songs from their We Are Nothing LP plus the four songs on the Just Kicked In 7”.

 –Daryl Gussin (Deranged)