Feb 15, 2007

This Violent Lovers Club LP (n.b.s.n.c.) is a bit of let down, but not a complete disappointment. Harsh? Not sure. I mean, I’ve never heard Odie Furie’s stuff before (former figurehead of The Baseball Furies), but a lot of my homies (Todd Taylor sticks out) really loved them. So, yeah, I was expecting something—like—really good, but all I got was okay; again, this is taking into consideration the constant praises the Furies received. (I gotta say, having Wes from the Clone Defects on the album—currently playing with Miss Alex White—who’s self-titled In the Red Records release was arguably the best album of 2005—leads me to expect something big! And I mean really big!) And, yeah, the record’s all right. It has a mellow early ‘70s glam feel to it, with hints of dumb-genius (see Jonathan Richman). It’s not blowing my pancreas out like Peter Laughner’s stuff, but it’s certainly better than ninety-five percent of the junk I receive. So what’s that mean? Look for it in the discount or used racks. And In Closing: If you want to squabble about “Oh, that’s not fair to compare his old stuff—which you haven’t heard—to his new stuff,” then go take a hike to your friend’s house or local record store and buy/steal/con this album outta them. You can write me a review and send it to my email address (just be sure not to give it out to people): [email protected]. Last Thought: Look, guys and gals, as a record reviewer for a magazine whose opinions are not dictated by record label interests, I gotta look out for you. I won’t recommend half-way there records. This album is an okay release for Big Neck Records (they released that Lost Sounds’ LP, which is not as good as Jay Reatard’s solo record which—as of November 28, 2006—is the best record of the year, so far). It’s like if you had an okay Fall or John Cale album. You know at the very worst it’s gonna be mediocre, and a lot of people at their best aren’t even close to tepid. I mean, just read Louis-Ferdinand Celine.

–ryan (Big Neck)