Nov 13, 2013

When I was fifteen some twenty-five years ago, I discovered hardcore around the Britcore era of ‘87/’88. I lived in the middle of nowhere and my only exposure to new music was through tape trading and writing to bands. One person I wrote to was Baz of Ripcord and Heresy (to this day two of my favorite bands). He turned me on to bands like SS Decontrol, Siege, and Mob 47 as well as sending me all his band’s records. That part of my life was an education and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. Twenty-five years on, ¾ of Ripcord play in Violent Arrest, one of the best U.K. hardcore bands (and dare I say best anywhere?). Nothing wasted, short sharp jabs to the face and neck. SS Decontrol and Siege filtered through Bristol old timers. This shit is as good as it gets. EGS have a tough task but stand up well with their brutal d-beat banger. Discharge meets Doom with some Flat Earth early U.K. core styling. This shit is fresh as fuck. Comes with the new issue of Artcore, which is a banger too. Highly recommended. Year end top 10 business.

 –Tim Brooks (Artcore,