VINDICTIVES, THE: Nuttin’ for Christmas b/w Jingle Bells: 7”

Mar 16, 2003

Here’s a funny little punk rock Christmas record from the Vindictives. It’s thick with irony and Joey’s snotty vocals. They do a really funny take on “Nuttin’ for Christmas” that expands beyond the basic childhood mischief of the first couple of verses and into lines like “turned his brother on to crack/fucked his sister in the ass/somebody snitched on me.” There’s more, but I don’t want to spoil all the jokes. The “Jingle Bells” side isn’t quite as funny because there’s only so much you can do with that song. In the whole catalog of Vindictives stuff, this is far from their best. I highly recommend The Many Moods of the Vindictives and Party Time for Assholes. If you don’t have those two albums, buy them first. If you do have them and you want more Vindictives, this isn’t a bad record.

 –sean (Stardumb)

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