VIKINGS, THE: The Best Head Ever: 2 x CD

Jul 12, 2007

There are some releases I have no business reviewing. This is one of them. I will pick up practically anything up at Razorcake HQ to review so I can see if it will float my boat, especially the “Mystery Meat” pile where only a few (including the infamous Jimmy Alvarado!) will venture. The Vikings are not my thing, but this band compromises of a former Devil Dog (who I have never listened to) and some Scandinavian dudes including a Turbonegro (who I admit, I have never really spent that much time listening to either). From what this looks like, this is a discography CD with a bonus live disc from a show in Sweden. I can’t say that this one grabs me by my sweaty balls. This is a little too straight forward rock for my tastes. But I can tell you that they do it well. I wasn’t completely turned off by listening to this.

 –don (Just Add Water)

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