Jun 23, 2009

I get things the hard way sometimes. I got this from a trade buddy in Finland even though it was released here. So it gets made here in the States, travels all the way to Finland and returns back to the States to me. It’s probably a good thing, since I might not have purchased it by myself. I’m sure my trade buddy is friends with this band since it seems the band is based in the same city, Helsinki. What do I hear? The intro track sounds like a crust, ‘80s metal riffage thing that I hope doesn’t continue for the whole disc. I think it was just a scare tactic. The second track and after, they blaze through a fast paced hardcore beating that follows lyrically in style towards Discharge. Contents of lyrics? No idea. It’s in Finnish and I’m not a citizen. But the music makes up for the lack of understanding. The production has that early ‘80s UK feel. It’s raw, with enough bite to make you want to kick your own teeth into a curb. Crust is a good description. The guitar buzzes in a raunchy way with its fast-paced almost metal tinges. The drums and bass keep pace but do not stray from the formula. Three notes, a lot of anger and it equals a recipe for an aggressive time.

 –don (Hardcore Holocaust)