VIDEO: Leather Leather: LP

This features folks from Wiccans and Wax Museums, and there are similarities here, but Video is its own beast really. “In Control” has a repetitive beat that hammers against your head, and it’s so good you don’t mind the pain. In fact, you find yourself pulling the stylus off and putting it back on the song for another listen, cranking the stereo louder and louder each time. These songs are catchier than SARS, but without the side effects. It’s punk that bludgeons without loud guitars. Instead, they choose to use percussion to drive their point home and the guitars are there for texture, mood, and to fill in the empty spaces. I like how the bass creates a tension in “Eyes” and the guitar comes in towards the end with some jagged sounds that slice and squeal. Then they follow up with the near-hypnotic “I Am the Sum.” Repeated listens may have you saying “Yes master,” and next thing you know the record is glued to your turntable. The opening riff to “Teenage Death” brings to mind La Peste’s “Better Off Dead,” but then they kick into something more hyper. They have some new wave-ish aspects, such as displayed in the title track, but they don’t sing dumbshit, radio-friendly songs or lean heavy on synthesizers. This is punk rock, pure and simple. And that’s what makes this so fucking awesome.

 –M.Avrg (Play Pinball,