VIDEO: “(Join The) Hate Wave” b/w “Captivity”: 7”

Jun 13, 2014

I am sadly late to the Hate Wave and should pay for my mistake. Woe unto me for sleeping on this band! What the fuck is it about Denton, Texas that so many good bands burst forth, seemingly fully formed, from there? And what the fuck is it about Total Punk? They really should use the slogan “Home of the Hits” because, yeah. “(Join The) Hate Wave” is throbbing, stabbing punk with a flange/phaser effect that kind of makes me feel drunk. Like that fine line between gloriously shitfaced and room-spinning nausea. I don’t know how else to say it. “Captivity” is hypnotic and driving. Also, my girlfriend likes this song, and she really does not like most of what I listen to. 

 –Sal Lucci (Total Punk)