VIDEO: “Cult of Video” b/w “City of Hate”: 7”

Video is another in a long line of bands that I discovered through my review records from Razorcake. It would have only been a matter of time; I’m sure since the members of the band are also in a few of my other favorites. Their last 7” was my first taste, and I was hooked. I ordered this new 7” (and their amazing LP Leather Leather) as soon as I could. Stripped down and mean is the best way I can describe it. The title track of this record could very well be my favorite Video song. It just keeps building and building until BOOM! You almost get whiplash while rocking out and your spine feels like someone attached a set of jumper cables. You don’t even get a breather before “City of Hate” kicks in on the B-Side and delivers the knockout punch. I fully submit to the Cult of Video. So should you. 

 –ty (No Good,