Aug 21, 2008

F’in’ incredible! I have listened to this disc well over fifty times, and each time I am amazed at how great this album is. Victims have released one scorcher after another, and I believe this surpasses everything they have done so far. Even more impressive is they pulled this off as a three piece. Also, they are entering a realm of music that defies easy categorization. The hardcore elements are still there, but the rock’n’roll side that has been lurking underneath is more obvious now, and actually enhances the overall effect. Every song blasts away with intensity without resorting to blinding thrash. Instead, the songs are actual songs played with the right amount of speed mixed with time changes and a tunefulness that lodges them deep into your memory. Johan’s voice still has that punch as well. Not one bad song in the bunch. A solid record the whole way through. This is definitely one of my “desert island discs.”

 –M.Avrg (Combat Rock Industry)

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