VICTIMS: Divide and Conquer: CD

Jul 13, 2006

I had two chances to see this band live while they toured the states and I missed both of them. I wish I had the energy of my teen years. I was going to go out on three consecutive nights. A banner outing for me. But after seeing Tragedy on a Saturday, I could not recover. A Sunday and Monday show and going to work did not work to my benefit. I needed sleep and that’s what ended up happening. I hate to miss a touring band. I hate it even more when the band has come from another country. Even though I did not have personal knowledge of this band, they came well recommended. A lot of times, I like seeing a band live first before acquiring their recorded output. This was my game plan. Since my plan fell by the wayside, an alternative did come my way. By chance, a copy of their latest release sat waiting for me at HQ. I would at least get to experience this band one way or another. First off, the band residing in Sweden makes me think that nothing can go wrong from here on out. I am heavily biased with a love for bands from Sweden. Crust, metal or pop punk, there are so many great bands. From first listen, I knew I was in for a treat and have to add another band to the already extensive shopping list of releases that I need to purchase. Straight forward songs that average at the minute and a half mark. I’m thinking a mixture of Wolfpack (or later Wolfbrigade) meets Tragedy but also adding everything I love in a band like Fucked Up. Fast hardcore that has their homegrown Scandanavian touch but with unique accents that keep things interesting. Quick shifts of dis-style punk that at moments might feel brooding or bringing it back into the mid ‘80s. I’m really bummed that I missed them.

 –don (Havoc)

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