VICIOUS, THE: Alienated: LP

Mar 14, 2007

The latest musical care package from Umeå, Sweden has arrived! Everybody in the village gathers around the package, eagerly pawing at it in ineffectual attempts to consume its contents. All they can think about is how happy previous care packages have made them. This village has been disappointed before, but they still trust the people of Umeå because of all the cultural riches the people of Umeå have shared in the past. Finally, the crowd settles down from the initial excitement and someone puts the needle down onto the record. “Punk!” someone yells. “Punk rock!” another chimes in. “Late ‘70s punk rock!” the whole crowd cheers uncontrollably, for it is true. Later, after the village has fully absorbed the package, they are not surprised when they discover the ones who created this package have helped create care packages of yesteryear, such as the Regulations, International Noise Conspiracy, and DS-13. The people of the village slept well that night; the people of Umeå have once again lent a helping hand.

 –Daryl Gussin (Feral Ward)