Wow! This is really, really, really good. Reminds me of early TSOL (especially the song “Concentration”), but crossed with early ‘80s UK punk. The songs are tense and tuneful, fleshed out with interesting riffs, bridges, melodic elements, and a relentless drive. From the opening of “Scattered” with its building drum roll and scratchy guitar, to the barreling closer “Concentration,” Vicious Pleasures keep the whole experience at a constant boil. The vocals are clear, concise, and delivered with an undeniable intensity. I also really like the guitar tone, with its dark, gritty edge recalling the previously mentioned TSOL, and that Southern California sound from the early half of the ‘80s; and yet Vicious Pleasures is a band rooted firmly in the here and now. Something I’m certain I can listen to in ten years and it won’t sound dated. 

 –M.Avrg (1859, Different Kitchen)