VICIOUS CYCLES MC, THE: Bad News Travels Fast: LP

Jan 27, 2015

To west-coasters, Vancouver’s kings of party punk need little introduction. These Albertan and British Columbians have been crushing most of Canada in a number of bands for years; to call them veterans would be an understatement. That said, VCMC (not to be confused with the equally Canadian, Vicious Cycle) have made a serious impact in their homeland, even for their standards. Apparently, their live set is what they’re infamous for and shouldn’t be missed, should you get the chance. The music could be best described as biker punk rock, with emphasis on the rock. Not in the realm of flames and tattoos, though. Think chant out loud, singalong, barroom, major key rock. Somewhere along the lines of Dillinger Four meets Stiff Little Fingers—and that’s not simply because the opening track begins similarly to “Suspect Device.” It’s a ton of fun. Don’t miss out. 

 –Steve Adamyk (Teenage Rampage)