Oct 16, 2009

To be perfectly honest, Vicious Cycle’s Fucked Up affiliation does very little for me. Prior to hearing this record, quite a few word-of-mouth FU comparisons actually dissuaded me from checking this record out, expecting the mediocre-hardcore-with-uninteresting-indie-rock-interludes version of FU to shine through on this new Vicious Cycle release. Luckily, Pale Blue Dot refrains from incorporating any of that awkward melodrama and instead sounds only slightly (if at all) like FU’s early material. I actually still hear a lot of the Motörhead-meets-Negative Approach sound of Vicious Cycle’s earlier output, but Pale Blue Dot finds the band injecting a ton more melody and expanding on the song structures of those records. Jonah Falco (of Career Suicide, Fucked Up, etc) did a hell of a job recording this album, creating a super unique sound that definitely warrants Fugazi comparisons without sounding particularly akin to that band musically. This is a very cool record that manages to cover a lot of ground without sounding at all disjointed and still stays comfortably within American hardcore territory. I’m digging this big time.

 –Dave William (Deranged)