Nov 24, 2009

These guys really love Fucked Up. Not only do they have a couple members from the aforementioned band making appearances with either playing on this or recording the whole thing, but Vicious Cycle sound a helluva a lot like them: mid-tempo hardcore that messes with the standard formula (just like Fucked Up), which I’m all for. In many ways, the present state of hardcore is akin to a snake eating its tail. Something new needs to happen, since, by and large, the current hardcore punk scene seems to fixate on the sounds and styles from twenty-five plus years ago. However, all the experimentation in the world can’t save a dull song, and, ultimately, a pretty bland and forgettable album. Not to mention when your influences are pretty apparent, it makes this whole thing even more derivative. On top of all that, the album cover with its typography and colors chosen is similar to the Germs LP. Again, if you’re going to strike out on your own with the idea of pushing something like hardcore forward, you need to be original on all fronts. Otherwise, your efforts are going to go largely unnoticed.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged)